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Lucija The Thief by Gamertron7500 Lucija The Thief :icongamertron7500:Gamertron7500 0 0 Reporting For Duty! - By Lucija by Gamertron7500 Reporting For Duty! - By Lucija :icongamertron7500:Gamertron7500 1 0 Who's That at the Other Side? by Gamertron7500 Who's That at the Other Side? :icongamertron7500:Gamertron7500 0 0 Pencil Problems by Gamertron7500 Pencil Problems :icongamertron7500:Gamertron7500 3 4 Fan Art Drawing - Ryblik by Gamertron7500 Fan Art Drawing - Ryblik :icongamertron7500:Gamertron7500 12 6 Profile ID 2016 by Gamertron7500 Profile ID 2016 :icongamertron7500:Gamertron7500 0 0 My Reference Sheet (Created by MashyLOL) by Gamertron7500 My Reference Sheet (Created by MashyLOL) :icongamertron7500:Gamertron7500 2 0
Metallic Fun - Steel Slime TF
"Do you know what I'm thinking?" - Henry's friend
Meet Henry; a grey, anthropomorphic shibadog. He's seen to be relaxing at his back garden on a lounge chair with the sun shining down on his grey fur. It was hot and sunny as it was summer, and he's there wearing some cool shades with a glass of cold lemonade on the small that's on his right-hand side, fizzing and bubbling with 2 ice cubes and a slice of lemon, giving it a sweet, yet cool, taste. He even got some hawaii-type music on his radio as well.
"Ahh... It sure is hot out here..." said Henry, taking a sip of his cool lemonade. "Life can't get any better than this..."
He took a deep breath in and slowly breathed out before putting his drink back on the table.
"I could sleep out here in this type of weather..." said Henry, slowly closing his eyes. "You just need to keep a cool head..."
Unfortunately, his relaxation was suddenly disturbed by a phone call so loud that it was even louder than his radio, whi
:icongamertron7500:Gamertron7500 1 2
Experiment 1 - MashyLOL by Gamertron7500 Experiment 1 - MashyLOL :icongamertron7500:Gamertron7500 4 19 [Gift] Spider Hugs by Mez by Gamertron7500 [Gift] Spider Hugs by Mez :icongamertron7500:Gamertron7500 2 0 [Gift] Kool Kid Klub Dragon by LiptonPee by Gamertron7500 [Gift] Kool Kid Klub Dragon by LiptonPee :icongamertron7500:Gamertron7500 3 0 [Gift] Headshot Sketch by Ysulan by Gamertron7500 [Gift] Headshot Sketch by Ysulan :icongamertron7500:Gamertron7500 4 4
Islands And Guns - Part 4 (Stefanxsd's Story)
“Eating something that has poison in it is not really a smart move to do that…” - last words of a doctor who ate something poisonous.

“Why would you want to eat me?” asked Gamertron, stepping away from Claudiu as he was feeling scared. “I’m poisoned and I might be a bad meal for you...”
“That’s the least of our worries!” said Claudiu, slowly pressing the trigger of
Tym’s gun.
“W-why m-m-me?” asked Gamertron, holding his hands up.
“Because, we want to have some food, and you’ll cover our food supply for a few days!” said Claudiu, coming closer to Gamertron.
“No!” yelled Tym, tackling Claudiu to the ground.
“OW!” shouted Gamertron as the bullet hit him on the chest.
Tym watched the red dragon slumping down to the ground, and he got up from Claudiu and checked the red dragon to see if it’s ok.
“Don’t… Kill… Me
:icongamertron7500:Gamertron7500 0 0
2500 Pageviews Milestone by Gamertron7500 2500 Pageviews Milestone :icongamertron7500:Gamertron7500 0 0
Islands and Guns - Part 3 (Stefanxsd's Story)
“Nice sailing… Chump…” - Pirate Parrot
The sun was shining down on a red dragon that was lying down on the sandy beach, unconscious. Unaware where the red dragon is, he opened his eyes to see a bright blue sky with clouds slowly passing by. As the dragon got up from the sandy ground, he saw a bunch of boat parts and a parrot that was wearing a small pirate hat that has a skull and crossbones printed on it as the parrot was sitting on a wooden anchor. As the dragon saw the parrot, the parrot squawked at the dragon.
“Nice sailing… Chump…” squawked the parrot, mocking the dragon with his terrible boat steering skills.
“You shut your mouth, bird!” shouted the dragon, becoming infuriated by the parrot.
The dragon tried to grab the parrot in his sharp,metal and shiny claws but alas, the parrot flied to the sky just before the dragon could grab him.
“I’m going to get you for this!” growled the
:icongamertron7500:Gamertron7500 0 0
Completed 550-piece puzzle by Gamertron7500 Completed 550-piece puzzle :icongamertron7500:Gamertron7500 2 4


Finally! I managed to make some progress on my story yesterday! :D
I will be uploading my adoptable soon from :iconmashylol: tomorrow. Sorry for my inactivity! I've been busy with college! ^^;
Lucija The Thief
On 13th February 2017, I drew this for my friend that drew me that previous drawing of my character in a way of saying thanks for her. :) (Smile)

I know it looks a bit awful, but that's because I used my finger and not an Apple Pencil or a touchscreen stylus. Either way, I like it, and practice makes perfect! :P (Lick) :) (Smile)

This drawing belongs to me.
Character belongs to Lucija (she doesn't have a DeviantArt account).
Reporting For Duty! - By Lucija
"I'm armed and ready! I shall wait for your command!" - Myself

Ooh boy! Well, what can I say? It looks really AWESOME! :D
I really like how Lucija drew this for me as it looks so cool and more dragon warrior-like for me. I mean, it was unexpected as she told me how it was a surprise and all before showing me her a drawing of me. Thanks, Lucija! I shall need to draw something for her back. :P :)

My character belongs to me.
The drawing belongs to Lucija.
Is anyone enraged or annoyed about Donald Trump placing a 90-day ban on Muslims from entering the US? I feel sorry for them. :(
Ok, sorry about me going inactive as I talked about it on my last journal. The thing is, I'm currently settling into college and I'm enjoying it so far. Yeah, some people may think that going to college may be boring and stressful but you'll get used to it.

Anyway, I'm going to get back onto DeviantArt and create some stories. Bear in mind that I won't get it done as quickly as I have college in the afternoon for 3 hours from Monday to Friday.



Gamertron7500's Profile Picture
I'm not a great artist or anything but I'm just getting started. I mainly write stories from time to time.

What's up everyone? Michael, AKA (also known as) Gamertron7500 here, coming to you with some weird and some fantastic TF stories, as well with some adventure stories coming on your way real soon! Stay tuned and have fun!


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❤ put this on someone's page if you care about them ❤
Heeey Gamer :D How are you?  Been a while and just thought I'd drop by.  Thanks for the support you've given me, just wanted to let you know that the tips you've given me helped a lot!  ^^ Sooo thanks :D
Gamertron7500 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017
You're very welcome, Justice! That applies the same to you too! :D
Justice1212 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
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So how've you been, bud?
Gamertron7500 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017
I'm good, but busy. :P

I'm a quarter of the way through my Level 3 Business course, which means that I have another 1 year and a half left to do. :)
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Thank you for the watch! :iconplzhug:
You're welcome, Turquoise! :D

Your artwork is beyond me! :D
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